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Avigilon, a leading provider of advanced security solutions, offers cutting-edge technology specifically designed to safeguard students, staff, and school premises.


In K-12 environments, we prioritize the implementation of Avigilon's comprehensive video surveillance systems. These systems boast high-definition cameras with intelligent analytics, enabling real-time monitoring and swift threat detection. By strategically installing these cameras across school campuses, we ensure comprehensive coverage, deterring potential incidents and facilitating proactive responses to any security concerns.

Avigilon's Access Control solutions further fortify safety measures within educational institutions. Through our expertise in installation, we seamlessly integrate access control systems that restrict unauthorized entry, providing administrators with the tools to manage access permissions effectively. This not only safeguards sensitive areas but also ensures a secure learning environment conducive to student development.

Avigilon's Video Management Software (VMS) serves as the central nervous system of security operations in K-12 settings. Our proficiency in configuring and installing this software allows for streamlined monitoring, efficient data management, and quick retrieval of critical footage when needed, empowering school authorities to swiftly make informed decisions.

Our dedication to excellence ensures that Avigilon's solutions are not merely installed but tailored to address the specific security needs of each educational institution. We prioritize seamless integration, reliability, and user-friendly functionality, setting the foundation for a safer educational environment. By leveraging Avigilon's cutting-edge technology, we empower K-12 institutions to prioritize student safety while fostering a conducive learning environment.


Avigilon Products:

Alta Cloud Video & Access:

Alta Cloud Video & Access is Avigilon's holistic security solution. It seamlessly combines cloud-based video surveillance and access control, enabling remote monitoring, real-time alerts, and centralized access management. It ensures comprehensive security coverage for businesses, offering scalable and flexible solutions adaptable to various security needs.

Unity On-Prem Video & Access:

This Avigilon solution integrates on-site video monitoring and access control within local networks. It empowers organizations with centralized management, high-resolution video feeds, and real-time access control. Unity On-Prem Video & Access ensures robust security protocols for diverse environments, providing flexibility and control over security operations.

Alta Cloud VMS:

Avigilon's Alta Cloud VMS is a cloud-based Video Management System designed for efficient video storage, remote access, and advanced analytics. It facilitates seamless integration, scalability, and easy management of surveillance footage, enhancing security and enabling proactive monitoring.

Unity On-Prem VMS:

The Unity On-Prem VMS from Avigilon provides powerful on-site video management capabilities. It offers advanced features for video storage, analysis, and control within local networks, ensuring secure and reliable surveillance operations with high-quality video feeds.

License Plate Reader:

Avigilon's License Plate Reader technology enables accurate vehicle identification, aiding in traffic management and security monitoring. This system provides precise and rapid recognition of license plates, enhancing overall security measures in parking lots, entry points, and traffic-sensitive areas.

Occupancy Management:

Avigilon's Occupancy Management system helps organizations maintain safety and security by monitoring and managing occupancy levels. It ensures compliance with capacity limits, enabling proactive measures to maintain a secure environment, especially in crowded spaces or controlled access areas.

Cloud Connector:

The Cloud Connector by Avigilon seamlessly integrates on-site security systems with the cloud. It enables secure data transfer and remote access, facilitating centralized management and monitoring. This integration enhances the overall efficiency and accessibility of security operations.

Dome, Bullet & Box Cameras:

Avigilon offers a diverse range of surveillance cameras including Dome, Bullet, and Box cameras, each tailored for specific surveillance needs. Dome cameras provide 360-degree coverage, Bullet cameras are designed for long-range monitoring, while Box cameras offer flexibility in lens selection, catering to various security requirements.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) Cameras:

Avigilon's PTZ Cameras provide dynamic surveillance capabilities with remote control over pan, tilt, and zoom functions. They offer enhanced coverage, allowing users to focus on specific areas of interest and track subjects efficiently, suitable for large-scale monitoring needs.

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