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As an integral part of comprehensive security measures, the VIGIL Video Management Systems (VMS) by 3xLOGIC perfectly complement the Infinias Access Control solution, especially within K-12 school environments.


VIGIL VMS offer a robust and versatile platform for video surveillance, enhancing the overall security infrastructure of educational institutions. Its advanced features include high-definition video recording, live monitoring, and intelligent analytics, providing real-time insights into school premises' activities.

For K-12 schools, the VIGIL VMS serves as a powerful tool for proactive security measures. The system's ability to integrate seamlessly with the Infinias Access Control solution strengthens the overall security posture. It enables synchronized management between access control and video surveillance, allowing school administrators to correlate access events with video footage, facilitating better incident analysis and response.

The flexibility of VIGIL VMS allows for scalable deployments, accommodating various school sizes and layouts. From monitoring entry points to corridors and common areas, the system ensures comprehensive coverage, enhancing student and staff safety.

Renaissance Communication Systems, renowned for its expertise in security system integration, can seamlessly incorporate VIGIL VMS into a school's security infrastructure. RCS's proficiency in designing and implementing tailored security solutions for educational settings makes them an ideal partner for deploying and optimizing VIGIL VMS in K-12 schools.

VIGIL Video Management Systems by 3xLOGIC complements the Infinias Access Control solution, bolstering security measures in K-12 schools. Its advanced video surveillance features, seamless integration capabilities, and scalability contribute significantly to creating a safer learning environment. With Renaissance Communication Systems' adeptness in security system integration, schools can trust in a comprehensive and expertly implemented security solution, ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff.

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