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Brands We Support

We understand that technology is a critical aspect of modern education. That’s why we offer a range of brands that are not only robust but also user-friendly to fit your specific application.

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Valcom offers advanced communication and sound management systems, including IP-based paging, intercoms, and mass notification solutions. Their reliable and easy-to-integrate products serve schools, healthcare, corporate environments, and more, enhancing communication and safety.

Maxxess stands as a premier provider of integrated security management solutions. Their innovative systems offer seamless access control, video management, and emergency response, empowering organizations with comprehensive and efficient security solutions.

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Sapling excels in synchronized clock systems, delivering precision and reliability in timekeeping solutions. Their innovative technology ensures accurate time across various sectors, enhancing efficiency and productivity for organizations worldwide.

Aiphone is a trusted leader in intercom and security communication systems. Renowned for their reliability and innovation, Aiphone's solutions cater to diverse environments, ensuring seamless communication and enhanced safety for homes, businesses, and institutions.

Bosch's B and G Series security alarm panels stand as top-tier solutions for comprehensive security needs. These systems integrate advanced technology, offering scalable options for intrusion detection, access control, and seamless integration with other security devices, ensuring robust protection for diverse environments.


Exacq offers cutting-edge video surveillance solutions, delivering high-performance software and hardware for seamless security management. Their innovative systems provide scalable, reliable, and intuitive tools for effective monitoring and protection of diverse environments.

Milestone is a leading provider of video management software, offering robust and scalable solutions for effective surveillance. Their innovative platform empowers seamless integration, analytics, and centralized control, ensuring advanced security management across diverse environments.

Dukane, a prominent AV technology brand, excels in innovative solutions for communication. With products like Starcall redefining conferencing and MCS350 offering precise multimedia control, Dukane sets industry standards for seamless and efficient audio-visual experiences.

Hanwha Techwin is a premier provider of surveillance solutions, offering cutting-edge cameras and video management software. Renowned for innovation and reliability, Hanwha's products deliver high-quality, advanced security for various industries and applications.

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Avigilon, a leader in high-definition video surveillance, delivers advanced security solutions for various industries. Their innovative technology, including AI-powered analytics, ensures proactive monitoring and superior video quality, enhancing safety and situational awareness.

3xLogic stands as a trusted leader in integrated security solutions, offering innovative access control, video surveillance, and business intelligence tools. Their technology empowers efficient monitoring and protection, ensuring comprehensive security for businesses of all sizes.

What Our Clients Say


-Matt S. Director of Buildings & Grounds

"RCS's dedication to reliability, personalized service, and a deep understanding of the urgency inherent in a school environment makes them an invaluable partner."
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