Communication Essentials

School Intercom systems are designed specifically to handle the communication needs of a school or organization. Small and large faculties can benefit from a quality intercom system that provides stress free operation and easy functions.


Intercom systems are essential for providing secure methods of communication. These systems provide a range of audio communication advantages throughout an entire facility. They provide a two-way open voice communication from any remote speaker station to an Administrative Control Center (ACC).


School intercom systems are essential for school security and can adapt additional unique features to enhance the overall usage and provide a valuable resource to your school or organization.




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Dukane Commercial Sound Technology


MCS350T and MCS350 Series Modular Communications Systems


Paging and program distribution can also be initiated by an ACC to any one station or group of remote stations. The built-in master clock can be programmed to control time tone distribution to any or all remote stations. The master clock can correct selected synchronous clocks or selected digital clocks. The clock has battery backup to maintain correct time for seven days after power loss.


The MCS350T System also allows most DTMF telephones to access the communications channel for two-way open voice communications and paging. DTMF telephones can call any ACC or talkback-capable remote station in the system and make zone, all call, or emergency pages. DTMF telephones can also initiate manual time tones and a custodial call tone, and have last number redial capability.


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